Emergency Medical Transport

Patients in need of emergent treatment that cannot be provided at Dahl Clinic are generally transported via private emergency transport planes to hospitals in Juneau, Anchorage, or Seattle. Skagway Fire Department provides EMS service to transport patients to Dahl Clinic. EMS is activated by calling 911. Emergency Air Transport is used to transport emergent patients from rural areas to secondary care facilities. This service can be quite costly, in the tens of thousands per flight! In order to give community members a peace of mind and substantial savings for transport, several of the Emergency Transport Services typically utilized by Dahl Memorial Clinic offer Medevac Insurance. It is the policy of Dahl Memorial Clinic to attempt to use the medevac service requested by a patient, but ultimately in an emergent situation, Dahl medical staff are compelled to choose the medevac service that is best able to get the patient to advanced care in the timeliest manner.

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Skagway Fire Department Ambulance

Complete the Ambulance Subscription form  and return to Municipal Offices or mail with a check to the Municipality of Skagway, P.O. Box 415. 

Any person may subscribe for ambulance service for a fee of $10.00 per person per fiscal year or $25.00 per family per fiscal year. The fiscal year will run from July 1 through June 30 of the following year. A family is defined as immediate family living in one household for purposes of the subscription fee. The base rate for Basic Life Support and/or Advanced Life Support is waived for subscribers; however, charges for transportation, supplies and medevac escort are not waived.

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Airlift Northwest Medevac Insurance

Click here to apply for Airlift Northwest Membership.

Airlift Northwest is pleased to offer AirCare Membership, a program that provides residents of Washington and Alaska with financial peace of mind at an affordable price. AirCare Membership protects you and your family members from the unexpected costs of air transport during a medical emergency. Lifesaving air medical transport can be expensive and insurance may not cover all costs.

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Guardian Flight Medevac Insurance

Click here to apply for Guardian Flight Membership.

In an effort to give the communities we service both peace of mind and substantial savings for air medical transports, Guardian Flight offers an exclusive membership program to citizens living within our service areas. Members are guaranteed not only exceptional care and prompt service, but they also have all out-of-pocket expenses waived when Guardian Flight provides air medical services for them or their dependents. Membership plans are available for both the insured and the uninsured.

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Click here to learn more about Medevac Alaska.

For patients requiring urgent care in remote Alaska, regardless of financial ability, your only choice may be an air ambulance flight to a higher level of care. Medevac Alaska Air Ambulance offers EMS Air Medical service to all Alaskan Hospitals, Seattle area Hospitals, and beyond. Once you call on Medevac Alaska, we will assure your arrival to the medical facility appropriate for the level of care necessary. Medevac Alaska is the only Alaska Native owned and operated air ambulance service in Alaska. We are stationed in Skagway for the summer and are ready and willing to work with you and your family to offer quick, quality services and financial assistance. Membership coverage will be available soon.