Medical Providers

Chris Hansen, PA, Dahl Medical Director. Chris spent 16 years in the military, ending his career as a special forces Medic. He then entered PA school with the desire to serve in rural communities. He has practiced in rural Kansas, Utah, and in native villages of Norton Sound in western Alaska.

Karen Johnston, ANP


Johanna Huff, ANP, has been in nursing since graduating high school. Her practice is geared towards rural health care and its challenges as well as health education for both children and adults. Most recently, Johanna was practicing in West Virginia but has also been in Montana and other regions of Alaska. During her previous time in the Last Frontier, she fell in love with the beautiful state and all it has to offer. She is hoping to make Skagway her forever home.


Carol Borg, ANP Seasonal Locum, is excited to come home to Skagway after being away for several years. She practiced year-round with the Dahl Memorial Clinic from 2008 to 2015 and is returning this summer as the seasonal locum. She truly enjoys the full spectrum of family practice with special interests in emergency medicine and travel medicine. Carol will be at the clinic through the first part of October.

John Hischer, LCSW, CDC 1, is a Licensed Clinical Social worker.  His special interests are in trauma and substance abuse issues.

Nathan Peimann, MD, is DMC’s medical advisor. He is an emergency room physician at Bartlett Hospital in Juneau. Dr. Peimann visits Skagway quarterly to see patients and conduct chart reviews.


Other medical staff

  Amy Coughran,   Registered Nurse

Amy Coughran, Registered Nurse

  Evie Helmer, Dispensary Technician

Evie Helmer, Dispensary Technician


Administrative & Reception Staff

  Shelly O'Boyle Executive Director

Shelly O'Boyle
Executive Director


Medical Assistants


Hannah Clark, MA


Haylie Whitaker, CMA


  Audrey, Registered Nurse

Audrey, Registered Nurse

Amber Robbins, Registered Nurse

 Tyler Haritzalde, Receptionist

Tyler Haritzalde, Receptionist

  Estelita Fielding   Administrative Manager

Estelita Fielding
Administrative Manager

  Georgia Cochran Administrative Assistant

Georgia Cochran
Administrative Assistant

  Brian Jones Health IT Specialist

Brian Jones
Health IT Specialist

  Philipp Wagner Medical Account Analyst

Philipp Wagner
Medical Account Analyst

  Valerie Zimbrich Receptionist

Valerie Zimbrich

  John Sullivan Accounts & Benefits Specialist

John Sullivan
Accounts & Benefits Specialist