Dahl Memorial Clinic in Skagway, Alaska values your feedback on our visiting providers. By filling out a survey, which takes just a few moments of your time, you will help us improve our services and provide better care. Thank you for your participation!

Which provider did you see?
Please indicate which provider or service you are reviewing in this survey (just one). If you would like to review 2 or more providers, then please submit multiple surveys.
When was your last appointment with them?
When was your last appointment with them?
It is OK to guess or estimate. If you prefer, just enter the month and year of your last appointment with the visiting provider.
It was easy to schedule my appointment.
All phone calls were returned in a timely manner.
I did not have to wait long in the waiting room.
The provider and staff were courteous, friendly, and showed concern for my questions & worries.
The provider and staff were able to adequately explain my diagnosis, procedure, and any self-care instructions.
I have confidence in the visiting provider.
When applicable, the visiting provider communicated with my medical provider about my progress.
The billing statements I received from the clinic or visiting provider were clear and understandable.
I received timely answers to my billing questions.
The billing staff were friendly and knowledgeable.
The visiting provider showed me how I progressed from my first visit to my last visit.
I would recommend the services that I received at Dahl Memorial Clinic to my family and friends.