Emergency Medical Transport

Patients in need of emergent treatment that cannot be provided at Dahl Clinic are generally transported via private emergency transport planes to hospitals in Juneau, Anchorage, or Seattle. Skagway Fire Department provides EMS service to transport patients to Dahl Clinic. Ambulance Service has a flat cost of $350 for basic life support and $500 for advanced life support. EMS is activated by calling 911.

Emergency Air Transport Insurance

Emergency Air Transport is used to transport emergent patients from rural areas to secondary care facilities. The flight nurses are highly trained in advanced procedures including intubation, cricothyroidotomy, chest tube insertion, mechanical ventilation, etc. This service can be quite costly- in the tens of thousands per flight! In order to give communities peace of mind and substantial savings for transport, both Emergency Transport Services typically utilized by Dahl Memorial Clinic offer Medevac Insurance.

In order to be fully covered, community members are encouraged to purchase the insurance offered by both companies if eligible. It is the policy of Dahl Memorial Clinic to attempt to use the medevac service requested by a patient, but ultimately in an emergent situation, Dahl medical staff are compelled to choose the medivac service that is best able to get the patient to advanced care in the timeliest manner.

 Guardian Flight logo picture

Guardian Flight Medevac Insurance

Cost: $125 per household per year.  You do not have to be insured to purchase this coverage. Guardian Flight will bill the member’s insurance and will accept the amount paid by insurance as payment in full for any medically necessary transport. The member will be relieved of any out of pocket expense following transport, whether insured or uninsured.

Apply at www.Apollomt.com or call 888-457-1711

 Airlift Northwest logo picture

Airlift Northwest Medevac Insurance

Cost: $99 per household per year. All members must have other insurance which covers air transport before purchasing this coverage. Airlift Northwest works directly with the member’s insurance company for claims processing. The purpose of the AirCare membership is to cover the patient responsibility amount indicated by the insurance company’s explanation of benefit.

Apply at www.airliftnw.org or call 888-835-1599

Local Ambulance Insurance

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$10 per person per year/$25 per family per year. You do not have to be insured to purchase this coverage.  
The ambulance insurance covers basic and advanced life support transport cost of Skagway Fire Department Ambulance service. The insurance does not cover the transportation fee of $5 per mile applicable past Mile 3.6 Dyea Road or Mile 3 Klondike Highway or the medevac escort fee of $75 per attending EMT for patients transferred outside of Skagway.

Complete the Ambulance Subscription form  at the Municipal Offices or print and mail with a check to Municipality of Skagway PO Box 415.